Lease Rules

1. Stay in an apartment is only if the documents of identity.

2. Estimated time 11:00. Check-out time – 11:00, arrival time – 14:00 (15PM)

3. Stay in an apartment and eviction from an apartment outside the estimated time is possible only if prior arrangements.

4. As a general rule the apartment starts from 9:00 to 13:00 additional charge of 50% of the price for one day. Check in 9:00 flat additional charge of 100% of the price for one day.

5. If you delay leaving less than 4 hours after the estimated hours, charged at a rate of 50% per night. If you delay leaving more than 4 hours after the estimated hours charged for a full day.

6. For stays less than 24 hours. Fee per stay 100%, regardless of the time of settlement or eviction. The provisions stipulated in item 5 – 7, these rules can be changed by prior agreement between the parties.

7. Tenants must comply with the purity, carefully apply to equipment, furniture and other things that are in the flat.

8. Current cleaning apartment and change of towels and bed linen are carried out once a week. Additional cleaning and extraordinary change of bed linen can be made by appointment and for an additional fee.

9. Based on the apartments, tenants must close the faucets, windows and doors, turn off lights, televisions and other electrical appliances. You may leave the fridge included. For non-fulfillment of these requirements, which led to the application of material damage to the lessor, the lessee must pay actual damages under the laws of Ukraine.

10. It is not recommended to invite strangers into the apartment, most guests leave the apartment, send them the keys. 22.00 After all the guests that in agreement not live in an apartment must leave the apartment.

11. In case of damage, theft of property and equipment in the apartment, it is necessary to compensate them at prices that are in a similar way, at the time of the eviction of the tenant of the apartment.

12. The apartment FORBIDDEN:

  • break the silence and disturb neighbors holiday from 22:00 to 7:00;
  • smoke;
  • keep animals and birds without prior agreement with the landlord;
  • conduct celebrations and other events without prior agreement with the landlord.

13. Smoking tobacco in a residential area tenant pays a fine of 300 UAH.

14. In case of violation of the provisions under paragraph 13 of these rules, the landlord has the right to continue to deny the tenant to stay.